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Policies & Info

Prices & Fees

  • Registration Fee: $20 Individual  & $35 Family (excludes Fitness/Yoga)
  • Return Check Fee: $20
  • Tuition Late Fee: $10
  • Costume Fee for Production Participants: Usually $65 per class. Due to increase in prices, some costume may be $70.
  • Production Fee (participants only): $35 per student

Paid Monthly:

Based on total time of combination of classes. Example- two 45 min classes is a total time of 1 hr and a half = $55 a month)

  • Tuition is based on an average of 4 classes each month.
  • Some months have 3 and others have 5 classes.  Regular tuition is due no matter if there are 3, 4 or 5 classes in a month.
  • Registration Fees and Tuition are Non-Refundable.
  • Families receive discounts.

Attendance Policies

We do not pro-rate classes according to a child’s sickness, family vacations, or ballgames. If you skip a month, that month’s bill must be paid to rejoin classes. This ensures we do not have to enforce yearly contracts with our students. Please feel free to come talk to us concerning long-term illnesses or relocations, etc. Much can be learned from watching a class, and a watched class does not have to be made up. Classes missed due to student absence and not studio cancellation must be made up within the month following the absence and during another appropriately scheduled class. Please check with instructor to schedule a make up class time. Please do not wait till end of year to make up missed classes due to your schedule or child’s sickness.

Attendance is taken at each class. Dance/Acro students will be rewarded during the last class of the season with any attendance awards or special awards from their instructor. Attendance awards are based on the following manner:
*One or less classes missed will earn a Supreme Attendance Award.
*Two or three classes missed will receive a Perfect Attendance Award. More than three classes missed will not receive an award.

Taekwondo & Fitness classes are on a year round basis and are not seasonal and do not receive attendance awards.

Video Taping Policy

Dimensions’ classes may not be video-taped without instructor’s and Director’s approval.  All dances, routines, class material, etc is the property of the instructors/owner at Dimensions.  Information pertaining to taping of the End of the Year Production will be given out during April/May of that Production Season.  **No footage video-taped from any class at Dimensions Studio shall be posted on internet, Facebook, Twitter, or any other association with the World Wide Web without permission from Director/Owner at Dimensions Studio.  Any student or student family member not honoring this policy will automatically be un-enrolled in classes at Dimensions Studio.

Dimension’s Accounts & Production Participation Policy

All student accounts must be at a zero balance in order to receive costume(s), participate in the production or register for upcoming classes.  Dimensions reserves the right to not allow a student to participate in the production.

Dimensions Snow/Cancellation Policy:

The studio will not necessarily close for snow days, regardless if area schools are closed, since many times roads are clear and safe by 3:00 p.m. Check social media after 2pm. If classes are cancelled, a text will be sent to those who have opted-in to our text alert system.

Make Ups & Cancellations

Dimensions allows two(2) days to be missed or cancelled per year for monthly paying classes for any reason without making up.Classes that participate in the end of year production also have two (2) makeup days (the studio rehearsal and the dress rehearsal) due to snow, etc. (this is not for individuals who have missed due to illness, etc.). This is four(4) days per production class per year that we can cancel classes before scheduling makeups/pro-rating tuition.

Session Classes: Classes that run in sessions, such as the Tots class, will be extended until all classes which were paid for in the session have been held.

Non-production Classes(such as Taekwondo): Classes not participating in the production that must miss more than the given two days will be compensated with make-ups, credit, or pro-rated tuition. Often times another class will be offered as a make up in order not to use the allowed 2 days.

Fitness classes do not offer make-ups due to the way classes are paid.

Release Form

Each student registering for classes at Dimensions must read and sign/agree to release form and/or online terms and policies.

Other Policies

  • We are responsible for your child only during class time. If you must bring your child early or pick him/her up late, special arrangements must be made in advance with the director. Please let us know if someone other than the parent will be picking up your child.  Reminder, we are not a daycare!  Please supervise all children in our waiting areas – students and siblings.  Children that are allowed to ride the bus to the studio with Director’s permission must be able to dress themselves & be prepared for class when it starts.  Dimensions’ is not responsible for any child that leaves the building.  Responsible only during registered class time.
  • Paid for costumes become the property of Dimensions Studio if not claimed by May of registered season.
  • Please be considerate by helping to keep the studio clean & take note of posted announcements.
  • Dimensions reserves the right to use photos, videos, or likeness of children/adults during and out of class as promotion and advertising on our social media accounts. This includes, but is not limited to: Dimensions Studio Website, Instagram, and Facebook. It is YOUR responsibility to make it known to Dimensions Studio staff if you do not allow yourself or your child to be in pictures, videos, or likeness on Dimensions Studio social media pages and Dimensions Studio website.
  • Class rules are posted by each dance room/studio door.